Ward Round Application

The Caradigm® Ward Round application is a mobile application that removes the need for the traditional paper patient record list and supports the daily hospital ward round by helping clinical staff to coordinate care.

The ward round is arguably one of the most important activities that happens in the hospital. It is where clinical decisions are made and reviewed; what tests to order, what treatments to change and when the patient is safe to be discharged. As the ward round progresses, each decision creates more jobs that must be completed.

Patient Information at the Point of Care

The Caradigm® Ward Round application helps ensure clinical staff have quick access to the latest information about their patients. The application brings together multiple data sources in near real-time to create a single comprehensive view of patients – at the point of care.

Each user has a configurable patient list that displays all the patients under their care, and the care of the clinical team. Caradigm’s Ward Round application displays data captured from underlying systems such as:

Care Coordination

Caradigm’s Ward Round application provides doctors with a tool to coordinate care across multiple patients and gain a more holistic and complete view of their individual patients. Clinical staff can better access certain patient information at the point of care, prioritise and manage the jobs assigned to them with the application’s digital jobs list.

The application – built for iPad – supports the management of multiple patients by aggregating records and assign jobs for all patients. Predefined jobs can be configured to be automatically added when a specific diagnosis or problem is entered. In this way the application can support user defined care bundles and best practice across the clinical firm. In addition, short cuts for multiple jobs can be configured by the user to save time when entering jobs during the busy ward round.


Caradigm solutions for care coordination and management support healthcare organisations on their journey towards integrated care. Click here to request further information or a demo.

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