Identity and Access Management

Caradigm’s identity and access management accelerates clinician’s access to application and patient data while safeguarding patient health information.

Hospitals face a huge challenge in trying to improve ways of accessing patient data; a growing number of clinical, productivity and mobile applications, massive and ever-expanding volumes of data, a dynamic workforce and the shift to collaborative care across boundaries. Even more importantly is the need to monitor patient privacy, identify access risk, and meet regulatory and governance guidelines in an attempt to protect the privacy of patient health information. Providing immediate and appropriate access to the data clinicians need, when and where they need it, enhances efficiency and improves patient outcomes.

Built exclusively for healthcare, the Caradigm Identity and Access Management solution suite addresses the operational challenges of accessing clinical applications, while helping to protect your organisation from increasing security and compliance risks by safeguarding access to patient data. The IAM suite brings together a number of distinct features to address prevalent healthcare IT issues, but without the need to procure additional products and endeavour to seamlessly connect them together.

The Caradigm Identity and Access Management solution suite includes:

Provisioning, a role-based identity management solution that automatically creates, modifies, suspends or terminates access to network domains and individual clinical applications. This can help to improve clinician satisfaction by giving caregivers rapid access to the applications, whilst meeting governance challenges by improving, monitoring and auditing the appropriate role-based access.

Single Sign-On (SSO) provides simple and secure access, and enables clinicians to use a single set of credentials for all of their applications. Healthcare-specific features include Fast User Switching and the ability to modify the application workflow based on the user’s role. A simple self-service password reset feature can help dramatically reduce calls to the helpdesk.

Context Management maintains patient context across any relevant applications that are opened on the desktop or a mobile device, reducing the need to search for a patient in more than one system. Automatic access to the correct patient record saves time, increases accuracy and reduces the risk of entering data for different patients in different systems. Further benefits are provided with the enhanced reporting, as the management of patient context enables reports not only to show who logged on where and when, but also which patients were accessed in which systems and by whom.

The majority of password management solutions only offer single sign-on functionality and fall short of addressing the full set of caregivers’ needs. The Caradigm IAM suite can be implemented as a complete integrated package or in a phased approach, providing such benefits as:

Lifecycle Role Management enables the creation of new users into the trust’s existing Active Directory and to all relevant clinical applications, using an HR system such as the NHS electronic staff record (ESR) as the trigger. Accounts can be created, suspended or deleted with the appropriate attributes based on role templates, thus ensuring the correct access rights are maintained for the appropriate job role.

Clinical Access Governance enables a healthcare organisation to audit, and if necessary modify, appropriate access to patient data and respond to increasing security and compliance risks by safeguarding patient health information. Information governance capabilities are implemented through controls, automation, and analytics.

Clinical Application Integration leverages Caradigm’s extensive clinical application library, allowing Provisioning and Single Sign-On connectors to be created for hundreds of applications from vendors such as Cerner, GE, Epic and McKesson. Furthermore, these connectors can be created using an intuitive wizard-based toolkit.

Password Management enables password synchronisation across systems and clinical/business applications which support this feature. Synchronisation allows password changes to be propagated to all target systems and applications. These powerful coordination capabilities minimise the password management pains that users struggle with between applications and systems.

Caradigm gives you the data control you need to achieve integrated care. Click here to request further information or a demo.

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