Care Coordination and Management

Caradigm solutions enable care team collaboration and patient-centred care that drives improved outcomes for integrated care.

Caradigm delivers the solutions needed for care coordination and management for care teams and providers—those that work together and multi-disciplinary teams in different care settings—with built-in workflow tools that can be a key contributor to realising the goals of integrated care.

Manage Care and Drive Outcomes

The cornerstone of Caradigm’s integrated care application suite, Caradigm® Care Management, enables care teams to drive patient outcomes and coordinate care. Care Management is uniquely comprehensive in that it addresses core components of integrated care including:

Evidence-based clinical guidelines are integrated into a patient-centred care plan, to facilitate improved patient outcomes and care efficiency for high-risk patient populations. The solution proactively analyses population data, based on input from care providers, to identify new candidates for program enrolment. In addition, it delivers near real-time clinical data to enable identification and mitigation of potential gaps in care, and enables the consistent delivery of evidence-based care.

Care Management was designed to enable collaboration among the care team and coordination across the care continuum to help healthcare organisations address the needs of integrated care. The solution enables comprehensive, effective management at a population level and seamless coordination of individuals by focusing on key capabilities that help improve patient outcomes while reducing the per capita cost of healthcare.

Care Management presents information to enable timely and appropriate interventions and reduce unnecessary utilisation, employs evidence-based care pathways that identify gaps in care to recommend mitigations, and provides tools to develop and collaborate on personalised care plans.

Patient Information at the Point of Care

The Caradigm® Ward Round application is a mobile application that removes the need for the traditional paper patient record list and supports the daily hospital ward round by helping clinical staff to coordinate care.

The Caradigm® Ward Round application helps ensure clinical staff have quick access to the latest information about their patients. The application brings together multiple data sources in near real-time to create a single comprehensive view of patients – at the point of care.

Caradigm’s Ward Round application provides doctors with a tool to coordinate care across multiple patients and gain a more holistic and complete view of their individual patients. Clinical staff can better access certain patient information at the point of care, prioritise and manage the jobs assigned to them with the application’s digital jobs list.

Caradigm solutions for care coordination and management support you on your journey towards integrated care. Click here to request further information or a demo.

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