Caradigm launches Care Management solution to enhance care efficiency, care coordination and patient outcomes

Caradigm takes the next step towards integrated care by enabling care teams to improve patient outcomes and care efficiency for high-risk patient populations as they transition between hospital, community and home.

London, 25 September 2014: Caradigm has launched Caradigm® Care Management, its new solution that supports the vision of collaborative, joined-up systems and addresses core components of integrated care, including:

Developed in partnership with Geisinger Health Plan (GHP), a U.S. leader in population health management, Care Management integrates evidence-based clinical guidelines into a personalised patient-centred care plan to improve care efficiency and enable improved outcomes for high-risk patient populations. The solution provides enhanced population health data transparency — based on input from care providers — to identify new candidates for programme enrolment and care plans. In addition, it delivers near real-time data to enable identification and mitigation of potential gaps in care delivery.

“We all know we need to move from a fragmented health system that reacts to health problems as they occur to an integrated system that helps prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Care Management is the missing piece in the integrated care framework; it brings together all the elements —from population stratification, multi-disciplinary collaboration to clinical pathways — which are absolutely necessary to integrate care and improve patient outcomes,” said Joel Ratnasothy, Medical Director EMEA for Caradigm.

Geisinger Health Plan (GHP) has recently deployed Caradigm Care Management to support team delivered care coordination and support better patient and population outcomes. Care Management provides GHP’s care managers with unified, near real-time patient data, including medications and laboratory results, as well as biometric and claims data. This information used to be spread across 12-15 different clinical, financial and administrative data sources in GHP’s healthcare organisation. Care Management has merged the information into a single application to support continuous learning and fulfil the promise of “one patient, one record.”

It is becoming increasingly important, especially for larger trusts, to address patient segments that suffer from comorbidities or other factors that lead them to needing long-term care and frequent visits to the hospital. More than 15 million people in the UK currently have a long-term condition, and 70 percent of the NHS budget is spent caring for them1. If the NHS is to achieve its cost saving and care quality targets, the effective treatment of these patients with the best care possible is absolutely critical.Roy Shubhabrata, VP Product Strategy EMEA for Caradigm

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